Andy Lamb


Derek Paton - Ex Scottish Internationalist and Current Fife County Player

"Andy Lamb was about the 5th coach who I tried after my golf had went off the rails. I expected Andy to be the same as the others but from the first day I started to play better. Andy has the unique ability to communicate with me and he treats me not as just another pupil but as a special pupil. I actually want to succeed for him as much as myself"

"Andy also seems to understand the game better than anyone else I have talked to and it is obvious Andy loves teaching which makes me feel good. I went from struggling badly at the start of the 2003 season to winning the Fife Order of Merit 2003 and reaching the last 16 in the British Mid Amateur. My Handicap also went from 1.8 to + 1.4 in one season. Thanks Andy"

Mike White - Wiltshire County Player

"I have been impressed by the professional way in which Andy teaches and approaches teaching golf"

"Andy uses his extensive knowledge of the golf swing to identify weaknesses using the strengths of the golfer to build a good solid golf swing. All the people I know who have gone to Andy have improved their game dramatically"

"Andy is very knowledgeable about the workings of the golf swing but is able to explain the theories in simple terms and is able to transfer them to practical applications. Over the past five years I have improved my handicap to plus one...I can categorically state the improvement in my game and the reduction in my handicap has been entirely due to the swing change brought about by having lessons with Andy Lamb"

Chris Setford - PGA Professional ( Holland )

"Andy's love of the game is clear for all to see specially his desire to see others improve"

"All can benefit from his knowledge of the swing and he is a credit to his profession"

Alan Power - Club Golfer

"The result was immediate. My all round game had improved beyond recognition, but my ball striking was most impressive, everything seemed to go off the middle of the club"

"My recent success is entirely attributable to the lessons and the encouragement I have received from Andy"

"I would like to add that, apart from being and excellent golf coach , Andy is a credit to his profession in many other ways"

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